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IRC Commentary

Finishing the IRC Hemp-Lime Appendix and Increasing its Value

In 2022, the Hemp-lime (Hempcrete) Construction Appendix BA was accepted by the International Code Council (ICC) to be included in the 2024 International Residential Code (IRC). The final step of the process is to write the IRC commentary. 

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The IRC Hemp-lime Appendix

The hemp building community took a giant leap forward as the IRC hemp-lime appendix was accepted into the 2024 version of the IRC code.  The code language and reason statement were crafted by a team of experts and consultants. It was later reviewed by professionals from around the world including participants from 7 countries. 

This is an important step on a journey to making hempcrete an option for widespread adoption in the construction of new homes. Professionals in the construction industry now have a guide as to what is required to build with hempcrete, and educational material can be developed to spread the requirements of the code.

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The IRC Hemp-lime Commentary

The HBI is proud to work with the same consulting team that helped write the IRC code language and the reason statement for the Hemp-lime appendix. The IRC commentary is utilized by the permitting officers and others at the highest levels of the code process to understand the accepted code language. The commentary explains the code language, the intent of the code, allows for compliance examples, further photographs and diagrams, and allows the mention of alternatives that could not be addressed in the code language.

Meet The Team

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