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Our Programs

The Hemp Building Institute is working towards a better way to build affordable housing that benefits both the homeowners and our planet.


Researching healthy, safe, and innovative natural building materials and sustainable building practices, how they perform in real world usage, and the benefits of using them in affordable housing.

Natural Materials, Sustainable Building

The HBI is committed to using the best materials for health, safety, sustainability, and the environment. Better building practices can help reduce the carbon footprint of home building and lower construction waste. The HBI will work to identify what materials and practices best meet these standards.

Hemp Fibers.jpg

Performance Testing and Data Tracking

Tracking performance testing of innovative building materials, and collecting data on how they hold up in real world home building projects.

Sustainable Affordable Housing - Roadblocks and Solutions

Identifying the barriers to accessing natural materials for affordable housing builds and working towards creating connections between the two.


Education on the benefits of natural, sustainable building practices, and how they can be utilized for affordable housing solutions.

Natural Building Materials

Using natural building materials results in a healthy, safer home that benefits the well-being of homeowners for generations.

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Sustainable Building Practices

Using sustainable building practices ensures that home building has a lower carbon footprint and reduces construction waste.


Affordable Housing Accessibility

Identifying what the roadblocks are that prevent affordable housing completion, and how we can better facilitate the process to allow for more affordable housing opportunities.

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Sustainable Affordable Housing

Implementation of natural materials and sustainable practices in the construction of affordable housing, working with local organizations to create homes for low income populations.

Building Safe Affordable Housing

The HBI will assist with affordable housing projects that focus on building healthier, safer homes.

Wooden House

Partnering with Local Organizations

Building affordable housing takes a dedicated team of passionate experts. The HBI will work with local nonprofits and sustainable builders to create affordable housing for low income populations.

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