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The HBI Welcomes Gwenifer Cooper

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The Hemp Building Institute welcomes Gwenifer Cooper to the organization in the role of Administrative Director

Gwenifer Cooper is joining the Hemp Building Institute team as Administrative Director. She comes from years of experience working in non profits including previously working as the Executive Assistant at the US Hemp Building Foundation. Gwenifer has been the Secretary and a board member of the Board of Directors for the HBI since its inception. She is also an active volunteer for multiple organizations around Nashville. When Gwenifer is not trying to better the world through non profit work, she spends her time working on her latest writing project and playing bass in a disco, funk cover band.

Gwenifer will be taking on a large number of tasks to help the HBI become more effective including working on the social media and communications for the HBI. Personally I have known her for over a decade and am excited to work with someone whom I am confident in their drive and attention to detail. Thank you Gwenifer for joining our growing team. Welcome to the Hemp Building Institute!!!

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