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HBI Presentations in June and July

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The HBI Presents at the National Association of Home Builders Leadership Meeting in Washington, DC and will Present at IND Hemp's Event in July

By Jacob Waddell

HBI President Presents to the National Association of Home Builders Leadership Meeting

HBI President Jacob Waddell joined the Founding President of the US Hemp Building Association (USHBA), Bob Escher, AIA, to make a presentation to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) leadership meeting on hemp building materials. The NAHB often has groups present information on new technologies that are entering the home building market. They presented in front of the Construction Liability, Risk Management and Building Materials Committee.

The presentation was well received with members of the committee. Many committee members represent state chapters of the NAHB and companies prominent in the home building industry. Some asked questions after the presentation about the feasibility of these products in their markets. The acceptance of hemp building materials as an option in the home building industry is crucial to achieve its acceptance as viable products in affordable housing. This meeting shows NAHB’s openness to natural building materials and the growing importance of greener building.

After the presentation, Jacob spent the next couple of days supporting the USHBA booth at the Innovative Housing Showcase on DC’s National Mall. The event was co-sponsored by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the NAHB. Natural building was represented well at the event.

HBI President Invited to Present at IND Hemp Summit 2023

HBI President, Jacob Waddell, has been invited to present at the invitation only IND Hemp Summit 2023 in July. He will be presenting on the code development of hemp-lime and the mission of the HBI. We are excited to participate in this event, where IND Hemp brings together hemp industry leaders with leaders of the industries in which hemp can be used. This year there will be a focus on hemp textiles with representation from major clothing brands.

The HBI is proud to represent the use of natural building materials in affordable housing and will continue to educate the public on their use.

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