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Support a better future by donating to the Hemp Building Institute. Help us continue our journey to create better affordable housing with building materials that work with nature.

Mission Statement

The Hemp Building Institute’s mission is to research natural building materials and sustainable building practices, to educate the public on their benefits, and develop affordable housing concepts utilizing these technologies.

Our Programs

Jean Lotus, Publisher HempBuild Magazine

“Homes are health, and bringing natural materials to affordable housing is a perfect match to create healthy living spaces for underserved populations that need the healthiest environments. With HUD’s new focus on environmentally friendly housing, hemp building materials can help create equitable shelter that is desperately needed.”

Anthony Dente, PE, Principal, Verdant Structural Engineers

“The Hemp Building Institute and its directors have proved themselves as caring members of the green building community that can execute real change in advancing the sustainability technology of hemp building. The transition of the organization to low income and charitable work is a smart step and I look forward to observing what they are able to accomplish in that space.”

Geoff Whaling, Chair of NHA

“The potential of incorporating hemp-based materials in the construction industry is boundless. These sustainable solutions offer a compelling opportunity to drive affordable housing initiatives while simultaneously fostering environmentally friendly living spaces.”
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1424 Trade Winds Ct, Nashville, TN 37214, USA

(561) 339-2638

Jacob Waddell - President of the HBI
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