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IRC Commentary

Finishing the IRC Hemp-Lime Appendix and Increasing its Value

Last year the Hemp-lime (Hempcrete) Construction Appendix BA was accepted by the International Code Council (ICC) to be included in the 2024 International Residential Code (IRC). The final step of the process is to write the IRC commentary.

Mission Statement

The Hemp Building Institute’s mission is to research natural building materials and sustainable building practices, to educate the public on their benefits, and develop affordable housing concepts utilizing these technologies.

Our Programs

Jean Lotus, Hemp Build Mag

“Jacob organized dozens of international experts who contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to produce an expert code document that was quickly approved by the IRC committee. His expertise in natural building science will help US hemp building catch up with European technology."

Mandi Kerr, Executive Director of Friends of Hemp (FOH)

"Furthering education and research about hemp building in the United States is among the most important developments for hemp use in the United States.  Sustainable building practices can help in so many areas that need housing and other buildings"

Steve Allin, Director of the International Hemp Building Association

“Jacob Waddell led the inclusion of hemp building materials to be accepted in US building codes as the director of the USHBA, with a clear and focussed attention to detail and an understanding of how these descriptions need to be broadened and enlarged into the future. We at the International Hemp Building Association look forward to working with him and others in Europe and elsewhere to create what could become the first internationally accepted range of standards for this important group of materials.”
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Jacob Waddell - President of the HBI
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